Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Prisoner Of Apprehensions!

Sitting on a  hospital bed and looking out of the glass window pane. Seems , I am closed in a glass chamber built on the top of some hill.
There is no sign of baby coming via normal labor pains. I am sacred of cesarean.
Injections, tabs, drip, and now 50-50 chances of C-Section... What's all this  going on? They say, I'll forget all the pain once I have my baby in my arms.

Day 1 In Hospital

Hospital is one of the most detested places in the entire world for me. Yet, I am forced to be here for some time now. Because one of the most beautiful thing is going to happen here... my child! I just hope things go well since doc says I won't be having normal labour i.e. have to undergo induced labour. Artificial pains would be given right from this evening 5:00pm -9:00 pm. and then second dose of the injection would be given in morning 9:00 am till 12:00 pm. if still no labour pains then doc would go for C-section.
I just hope Labour gets started on its own and I get spared from Caesarean.
Mum and Deepak are here with me constantly. I just am so happy to have such a doting and caring husband.
If I haven't had sound sleep from last 4 months, then it's him too has who has accompanied my sleepless nights talking and jesting with me, cooking for me.
Mum is really scared because she had bad experiences of caesarean and it's very obvious that no mother would ever sit patiently while her daughter is undergoing severe pains and troubles.
I had never been injected as per my knowledge before marriage (except those blood donations I did during college). And, now, I’m being injected many a times in a single day. Tauba!
Doctor Bindu Garg, of Neelkanth Infertility Centre (multi-super speciality hospitals) is a wonderful lady. Very frank and explained all the issues and complicacies related to my delivery in a very good manner. Deepak is contented and not scared anymore.

Day 1
I had been injected with Drotin so that false pains get subsided and true labor pains get their way. But, that was of no avail so I had been given two injections of Buscopan last night. I had to face terrible cramps in night but those subsided in morning. Duh! L

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chulbul Added To Our Family!

We are an average earning family with not much of the financial resources to back up in the times of dire necessities. We are going through financial crunch with upcoming baby expenses. Yet, we love to feed a stray dog without any reservations. We have kind of adopted him. It’s just that instead of giving him home to sleep, we allow him to stay wherever he likes but come to us at the time of meals. We regularly provide him with three meals a day like we do for ourselves.

My husband, who earlier used to be afraid of Dogs, has now grown fond of this one particular. He has named him Chulbul and first thing that he does after coming back from office is to meet Chulbul, give him his dinner, walk with him in during late evening hours for some time and then come back to have his own dinner. It’s lovely to see that how this dog has become a part of our life. We just cannot have our meals without feeding him first. He is a nature’s child so we don’t want him to be tied to a collar and chain  instead it’s good to see that he is free unlike those pets who are chained and wait for their owners to take them out for their  daily ablutions. We play with him, feed him, love him, and I even make sure that he has teaks and lice free body.
We cannot offer food for all the stray animals in our locality but I am contented that we are doing our bit. May be, with God’s grace on us we would be able to offer a good shelter and regular meals to as much stray animals that come in our view.

There is also one woman in Gurgaon DLF Phase III, who every morning feeds almost all the stray dogs she passes by. God bless her and help her in her endeavor of providing food to poor stray animals.

Ø  I so much wish to see people turning vegetarian one day!
Ø  Be kind to poor animals
Ø  Stop using animals a guinea pig
Ø  Skinning animals to save one’s skin

Friday, December 10, 2010

First Year Of My Marriage!

Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
We have been married for a year now and it seems to me as we have always been together in this relationship. There had never been first sight, first meeting, engagement, or marriage. We have just been together since ages. Love is what makes you blind, this is what people have to say. Seems love is something that matures you as an individual and make you know various facets of your own personality that goes ignored hitherto until or unless you are wedded to a person. Only then you come to know yourself in a very different manner. Your partner is the one who makes you learn and know life in many wonderful ways and then together you create a beautiful world to live in.
In this brief period of our conjugal relation, he has made me fall in love with him many times. Yes, this is what a marriage does to you- makes you fall in love with the same person again and again; sometimes for several reasons and many a times just for nothing.
I loved him so we got married. Now, I cannot imagine a moment without him. I need him all the time. It doesn’t matter what he is busy into but his presence makes me comfortable and lends a solace that nobody and nothing can ever.
Now, this first year of my married life made me know certain facts, brought out my varied potentials on fore, and made me understand Deepak & myself in different light
Ø  He is not exactly what he had been before marriage in all the manners. Telephonic conversations or online chats never allow you to know the real person behind the chat id. It is when you live together you get to know each other better. 
Ø  He is not as calm as he seems to be. Not only I came to know of real him but I got rendezvous with my hidden self. I never knew how intolerant I am of traditional norms that bound this society. Of course I had always been a rebel against social norms yet never flared up so intensely the way I usually get after marriage.  May be I am wrong or maybe he too goes out of his way to make me do things which I detest the most in the world. But, at the end of the day he knows this very well, I do what he wishes me to do. I just want him to consider that I too can be right at times.
Ø  It’s not all about negative things. I never knew I can love cooking so much which I used to detest before marriage. I never cooked at my home; never my mum had any leisure & pleasure to savor the food I make. Now, I cook well rather I love cooking so much.  Usually, I don’t approve of everyone’s eating manners but I love watching over him –the way he enjoys food.
Ø  He too gets angry which I thought could not be imagined even. But, he knows how to handle his temper which I have never known in my case. (He usually calms down when he sees that he won’t be able to cool down my anger, lol! Cunning chap!)
Ø  He opts for midway and I being an extremist wants wither this way or that.
Ø  He gives preference to honor due for an age or a relation whereas I arbitrate on the basis of what is right and what is wrong. No compensation for age or the relation.
Ø  I live in a moment and he plans for future. He worries for future to such an extent that he is letting his present pass by. He is not enjoying life. I want him to live for the moment sometimes, the way I do. You never know when “the bell tolls for thee…” so live every moment of your life. Because after ten years from now he will be regretting for the time he lost wondering and worrying so much. He will look at his matronly-matured-wife and feel sad wish “I would have given her best of my youthful days.J
Ø  He is a caring husband who has never left my side even in my darkest of moods. He endured all my mood swings with a smile only fuming over them sometimes.
Ø  He is mature and not impulsive like me.
Ø  He has misunderstood me in so many matters and is reluctant to consider my point of view. Despite this foretasted fact we come to a conclusion that reconciles us.
Ø  We both share love and concern for stray animals. And, this is something I like best in him.
I Like, Adore, & Love-
Ø  I like it when he says he cannot imagine his life without me.
Ø  I like it when he clicks photographs of me when I am asleep. Sometimes I am wide awake yet pretend to be sleeping because I love him watching over me.
Ø  I like it when he enjoys his meals. This is what I promised him before marriage that “I’ll ensure you have good food every day.”
Ø  I simply adore him when I feel that he needs me as much as I do need him.
Ø  I like his honesty, ingenuity, care & concern.

Note Bene-
Ø  I hate it when you make background music while having meals and do so intentionally all the more to tease me.
Ø  I don’t like when you give silly reasons to prove yourself right and say things that hurts me a lot.
Ø  I detest him letting people take advantage of him unnecessarily. Especially when those situations could be avoided and averted.
The Verse Is Dedicated To You-
Aasman mein jab tak sitare  rahenge
Hum ek dusre  ke sahare  rahenge
Nazdikiyan yah on duriyaan
Bas pyaar hi rahega darmiyaan
Rahon mein nahin dhup ka ghum
Thandi chaya dega hardum
Hamara yeh pyaar bhara rishta
·         I have revised the last line of the verse which was: “pavitra rishta/tere mere man ka”
We are soon going to be Mum & Dad, and we will always try to be best parents. Our child would be the fruit of love that we have for each other and we will ensure its safety and good upbringing. Amen!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Laughed A While Today!

I was looking for Continental breakfast recipes, then I went on searching fatless recipes and came up with something wonderful (not the recipe but the title)- "Fatless Ma ki dal" recipe by Tarla Dalal.
I read it this way—Fatless Ma-ki- dal

Monday, October 25, 2010

Are We Still Humans?

Every one of us has once in our life read stories of speaking and walking animals, like that from Panchatantra, Folk Tales, Aesop’s Fables, & C.  These simple stories, even today transcend us in to the make-believe world where animals and birds are as animated as we are. They being referred to as ‘he’/ ‘she’ not as ‘it.’

Do you still remember how as a child we used to be concerned about little creatures; we had a strong belief that these mute creatures do talk. As we grow older, innocence forsakes us and a cloak of maturity calling itself as ‘civilization’ covers us from head to toe.

I have observed that this so-called ‘civilization’ is in fact a slow and steady process of dehumanizing us, making us immune to the cries of these innocent animals that are far better as companions in comparison to fellow humans.

A few months back, while my car was waiting for Green signal at ITO, I noticed a pair of bull hooked at the roadside blinking their eyes to the flashing lights from all over.  I still cannot forget those eyes, those  perfect serene eyes, looking around, people walking, standing, waiting, running, stuck  up in traffic, yet free unlike them who were tied in a corner, insecure if some vehicle steps on their hooves.

I just couldn’t desist myself from wondering what those bulls might be thinking about. Might be wondering, what kind of preposterous animals we human are, who when gifted with such power of reason, yet are insensible and insensitive towards poor creatures who walk on ‘all fours’ and have no ‘free-will’ of theirs to exercise.

Agreed, animals and birds have no speech to communicate like us, but they have language of their won which is more of an understanding, sympathetic, and concerned. Those bulls with a rope tight around their neck made such a tragic site- swaying their heads as any car or truck or some bike rushed past them.

What, if instead of bulls, two men would have been tied the way same as those bulls were?  How myopic our vision is. We have so soon forgotten those days when a man used to pull the rickshaw cart in post independence era.

Bullock carts carrying cement, bricks, iron rods, with a man sitting with a whip in his hands, hitting the buffalo or the ox so harsh making it jump and run with speed. Is this what we call being human? Humans have become oblivion of what it is to be humane. We need sympathy, kindness, gratitude but we are too poor to endow same to the fellow living beings.

We have a hierarchy to living world where humans are allotted the top most level, but do we really deserve this. It’s shameful for us to behave so inhumanly with poor animals who have no human language to complain of the pain they endure in the name of service.

My recent visit to Vaishno Devi shocked me all the more. We are so religious and I believe almost every one of us wish to pay visit to Ma Vaishno Devi Darbar once in our life time. But, seems, people have made it a fashion too. Youngsters who are strong and healthy enough to carry  burden of small kids on their back themselves climb on the back of poor ponies to cover the distance of 12 kms high up in the mountains to reach Darbar. And, to my shock they justify it by saying, this is how we give employment to poor people (owners of pony) and help them in eking their life. Is this the only way to provide means of employment?

I am strictly against use of animals for travelling, fashion products, and in food.

To climb those high mountains leading to Vaishno Devi (J & K), people using horses/pony is a commonplace thing. It was so horrible to see men whipping ponies to climb faster on hills.

On the way back we (me & my husband, Deepak) found a pony injured and lying in the corner. We were approximately 10 kms above the land. I tried giving him water, but the poor soul was dying and nobody cared to stop and report the officials there. We somehow found the helpline number and called security to come to aid. To my husband’ call they replied, “Why are you bothering Sir, let it be. Somebody, later in night will throw it in nearby pit." And, the line got disconnected.

I was so shocked at the response we got. Why we humans are so barbarous. Don’t we have heart? We cry sitting in front of TV watching an emotional scene. Where this sense of feelings and emotions does goes when we inflict cruelty on poor creatures?

Warding off this issue saying, “It’s Kalyug, nothing can be done!” is just rubbish which we keep brewing in our mind.

I would like to appeal to Vaishno Devi Management Committee to please put stop to such cruelties. It is heinous to bully a living being just so as to meet our needs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Atlas of Impossible Longing-A Review!

It seems I’m pregnant since ages; carrying baby in my womb from times unknown.  Reading and writing has been stalled since third month of my pregnancy.  Forget about reading even picking a book seems such a tiresome activity to me. But, now from past few days, I am inclined towards my book shelf once again. Want to read some engrossing ones.

For a start I picked ‘An Atlas of Impossible Longingby Anuradha Roy. I read it, though it took almost 3 days to complete this novel but worth it. I bought a year back when I was still an unmarried careless girl who loved picking & buying books of all kinds on every outing.

Haa! Loved it! It’s an absorbing saga of a family, characters, land, and above all river where attachment and detachment both followed a painful music.

Retrospective look of the protagonist Mukunda leads us to a poignant tale of love, separation, breach of trust, and love of land. Beautifully woven is the archeological concept of digging earth and finding out the remains of past that’s deadened long time back. Similar is the life of characters of the novel, they keep shuttling in& out of each other’s memory strands, pulling and dragging their destinies together.

It’s the story of:

Mukunda is casteless, orphan, with no religion and so, is Bakul, motherless, nearly orphan, and the heiress of an ancestral mansion which is reclaimed by the river that flooded it almost.

Mrs. Barnum, an Anglo Indian widow of a British man, living with a blame of her husband’s murder on her head.  Her eccentricities, lemon sherbet, cakes, and sandwiches form the secluded but momentarily pleasant world of her, Bakul, and Mukunda. 

Kananbala- grandmother to Bakul, matriarch of 3 Dulganj Road, becomes a nasty swearing old woman who doesn't even realize the impact of words she is hurling at other people. Her friendship with Mrs. Barnum is one another oath of secrecy similar to that of Mukunda & Bakul

Nirmal Babu- is the younger son of Amulya and Kananbala, father to Bakul, and takes over the responsibility of rearing up orphan boy Mukunda after his father’s death who kept the boy in an orphanage on his expense.  Self-centered, absorbed in the meticulous details of ancient edifices and architecture, the stories behinds them- this is how he has been with his daughter as well. Left wreathed in pain of separation after his wife’s death he abandons the home, daughter who was his responsibility, and the society.  Life and home reclaims his presence back.

Eccentricity, abandonment, self-destruction, intensified silence, emotional drama with a feeling of detachment is all pervasive in the intricately woven narrative of this poignant novel.

I don’t know whether I did justice with the novel in reviewing it thus or not. But, I loved it. Read it & own it! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife- A Movie Review

If you haven’t seen the previous parts, then bunk the idea of going for Resident Evil: Afterlife. Because you would not be able to catch up with the events trail. However, if it is 3D effect you are looking forward too, then GO AHEAD!
It is a science-horror fiction film with absolute technical expertise displayed in the action scenes and the latest 3D effect.
I know, this type of movie (Zombie) is not my cuppa tea yet, a 3D experience was must and the completion of the series I had been following from the first.
Now, following from the last part, you will see Alice searching for survivors along with her battalion of clones. Her battle with Umbrella Corporation is at its high point. She searches intensely for the survivors to put them to safety. In this quest, she reaches Los Angeles with an old friend of hers to find a city raged over by Undead. Alice along with few comrades tries to escape to Arcadia(ship, which later revealed as the base camp of Albert Wesker and a part of his trap for Alice) which however she doesn’t realize was in fact a trap by Albert Wesker. Albert tells Alice that only her DNA has been compatible with the t-virus so he needs her and none else.
Watch the movie to unravel what happens to Alice and her friends. Do they survive or die?

Quick Bites

Genre: Science-Action-Horror
Director:Paul. W. S. Anderson
Cast: Milla Jovovich (Alice), Ali Larter (Claire), Shawn Roberts (Albert), Wentworth Miller (Chris), Boris Kodjoe (Luther).

Dabang- A Movie Review!

Dabang, a typical Salman Khan genre, you won’t get disappointed. Even if the movie won’t make it to any of the award ceremony but it has its fans following.  Salman khan as an inspector Chulbul Pandey did fantastic job.
Deepak is smitten by ‘Munni badnam hui’ bug, a peppy number indeed and  ‘Malaika , thumbs  up to you for dazzling the song!’  Also, the title track ‘hud hud dabang dabang’ lets you tap feet with the beats. Romantic and the hummable ‘tere mast mast do nain’, i am sure that we would love to hum this song even after ten years.
Arbaaz  Khan as Makhi  was a perfect choice. Dimple Kapadia Disappointed me. It was more of an overacting that she did so, no points for Dimple. Sonakshi is fair enough as a debutante.
Salman’s dance on the ringtone was hilarious.
If you are looking for some meaning, then bunk it. There is no storyline, just the rajni-ishtyle action. Stunts are worth watching and Sallu bhai was fantabulous doing them.
There was no need of Manjrekar in the movie. Sonakshi could have done with her brother only. Anyway, we cannot teach good lessons to Bollywood directors.

Quick Bites

Director: Abhinav Kashyap
Producer: Arbaaz Khan
Music Composer: Sajid-Wajid
Release Date: 11th September 2010, Eid-ul-fitr

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Views On "A fine Balance"-Rohinton Mistry

First things first, this is my first read of Rohinton Mistry and till date last as I am still not out of its deep impression.
When I begun reading this novel 'A Fine Balance' by Rohinton Mistry, I must say it’s voluminous; I was put off at the onset. I thought, maybe it deals with some stereotype story of surrender or renunciation, family life or love or injustice. But, soon I felt it’s impossible to put it down without knowing what exactly is happening. Who these tailors are and who is Dina Dalal, why is she keen on taking in a tenant?
I completed the entire novel in a day, might have taken too many hours as while reading I felt like going back to certain paragraphs, incidents, and details time and again. Story is set in emergency times of Mumbai when almost every second was a challenge for the inhabitants of this huge city. The very existence and ownership of their life was in question. There were masters including landlords to rent collectors to beggar masters.
When I brought "A fine Balance" home, was too dicey whether it would be an interesting read or not. But, to my surprise the book overwhelmed me right from the beginning. It gripped my all attention and I ended up completing it in a single day. I simply had no idea what would be the next scene in the line. As in opening it, flipping through few pages, getting the feel, shut it, and return it back without having read even a single line. What a volume, it seemed to me, hell! I really was wondering whether to read it or not. It's been long I read such voluminous novel of some 600 pages.
Thankfully, I read it and have no regrets whatsoever. Rohinton Mistry for sure knows how to catch pulse of the readers. He has a genuine approach towards handling human emotions and connecting it with the social milieu people are in.
One starts living the whole experience narrated in the sheets of paper. Once over with reading you realize how much struggle it was for a common man to understand the changes whirling around him.
There is no one main character/protagonist in the novel. Entire novel circles around its four main protagonist including  Dina  Dalal, a widow eking her life alone, A college student (Maneck) messed up with his ambitions in big city, two tailors, uncle and nephew(Om & Ishwar) struggling through poverty. Mistry has traversed all the subjects in his story right from the government corruption, atrocities, poverty, life of a single woman, to human weaknesses.
My personal opinion to it is: May be Rohinton Mistry wants to say, “this is what life is; no bed of roses. You have equal share of every emotion.”
Under certain adverse circumstance we despise each other and there are also moments when we find solace in each other’s foolishness and kindness. This is how we humans are- a mere projection of momentary expression of swinging emotions.
He brought home the point that a common man has nothing to do with civil wars, political upheavals, and religious strikes. These all are the schemes of government to exercise its control and autonomy over the folks. Rightly put into words by Dina Dalal:
"Government problems - games played by people in power. It doesn't affect ordinary people like us." 
Mistry has an art of characterization. He portrayed Dina Dalal, a strong woman, surviving in a big city, hiring tailors, beginning her own enterprise at such an age yet she had moments of weakness where her mind is clouded with fears unknown and doubts. The bonding between tailors and Dina flourishes later in the novel culminating into an everlasting friendship.
In those tough times of Emergency when every hope dwindled down to ashes and no effort of an ordinary prove to be of any help, compassion, love, kindness, and companion ship between few ordinary people still remained. This is the magnum opus of the human emotions and faith.
I would like to conclude this with my understanding of the novel which is
A fine balance- a balance, a dividing line in between hope and despair.
"What was there for anyone to laugh about in this wretched place?" 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hope, There Is still!

Every one of us, some time in our life needs a room of our own, a space which we can call our personal one. This is one place in the entire world where you can sit unnoticed and brood over dark matters welling up with in the cores. It helps us come out of those insipid thoughts and disturbances that have been hindering peace from flowing smoothly in our daily life.
I have been planning a session of introspection from past many years. In this planning, whole seven years have been dwindled down to a pit of unfathomable depths from where it’s not easy for me to retrace my steps. Even I have forgotten what foot I placed where. Life is an undecipherable maze of stories from where it is really difficult to figure out what incident led to which.
What I can remember is this unquenchable thirst for this personal space which I have lost, know not where. I always wanted to live away from home which I had never been allowed to. I tried my level best to get admission into some college out of Delhi so that I could get a chance to live alone. My dad and mum just couldn’t let me go anywhere without them. God, they don’t trust people as if theirs is the only daughter in the entire universe. Crap! If I plan for a New Year trip, Dad recalls some incident that had took place sometime back with girls who went to Mumbai to spend New Year, being harassed and assaulted publicly. Goodness! I mean why do they always recall such horrible incidents and why can’t they see several girls shuttling to and fro states for their studies and job.  The point is why they only think of negative side and not the positive one. If I want to go for an outing, then mum says do whatever you want to once you get married and that too only when your husband allows you to do.  This all freaks me out!
Life’s circumstances have imposed a situation in which I cannot even have a room to call mine. Though, shifting to Gurgaon with husband recently has brought about some considerable changes in life. I have also recently bought a book rack for my drawing room corner and I love it.
Now, it seems life is coming back to normal track slowly & gradually.  Hopefully, I can draw myself into things that interest me.  
I don’t understand politics, or even economics; forget about sports. Is it horrible to live thus? People, I see have number of issues to discuss and direct at and I have none except few of my notions on subjects that might not be of interest to everyone.  I read books, write on them, save the drafts on my laptop’ desktop and forget about them.  Never ever I have made those drafts to the end. Everything is so incomplete in life, me too!
Though, I am harping on one particular event that may bring back the fervor of good old days when I was all vibrant with fresh thoughts and loved to venture into anything new and adventurous. I just pray that I get this last chance to complete first what I left owing to my own inconsistencies.  I left my post graduation studies in middle as I couldn’t just concentrate on studies owing to certain miserable situation that came up and ruined all my dreams. I became too hopeless and resigned to what came my way. May be I can resume my studies once again and regain that passion for learning and creating back.
Keeping fingers Crossed!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ramblings Now & Then!

Sometimes, you really want to know all those not so significant questions about ‘living’ per se. What am I doing; for what  reason I am here; what’s the purpose of my being alive....  but, all these rhetorical monologues gets rebounded, leaving me aghast at my own stupidity of questioning myself thus. What do I do then?
Often repeated, clichéd sentences forms up in my mindscape, which usually are empty with no life in sight. I procrastinate every decision of my life saying, let it be later; when would ‘later’ become ‘now’?

Raat dhalne lagi, bhuj gaye  hain diye
Raah  takte hain hum, jane  kiske liye?

Monday, June 7, 2010

An Evening Plus Night Out

Had, indeed a good evening last Saturday. Watched  movie, Rajneeti with Deepak (husband) and his friends, Lamba, Vijayadithan, Irfan (Vijay’ roommate), and Premanjali (Irfan’s gf). After movie, Deepak suggested to dine at some highway dhaba so we all headed to Mesar. Just before 1km before Manesar we found the right one for us. Had, typical khana, dal makhani, shahi paneer, aaloo jeera, dal fry, tandoori roti, and a complimentary salad. It was a refreshing night out for me.

I have been out at such a late hour of the night, after ages. Reached home around 1:45. I had good time (the most awaited and yearned for). First time in my marriage (which is just five months old), I felt immensely satisfied that there is yet more to live for.

Sometimes, in life what you want comes very late to you, when the charm for something is at the verge of vanishing down. Does it hold the same significance or enchantment? For me, Yes! It did!

All For Refreshing Your Memory Cells!

Rajneeti dons the cloak of Mahabharata & Godfather!

Went to watch Rajneeti on Saturday.  Worth watching once, to know new role reversals that had taken place in traditional Mahabharata. As, in the latest version, mamaji is no more Shakuni and with Kauravas, rather is in the shoes of Krishna trudging along with Pandavas.
New day Kunti too goes to Karna, our own Ajay Devgan who played Suraj and is a ‘Dalit Savior’ and tries to win over the revolutionary fruit of her ‘love cum rush of emotions during a political parade with Bhaskar Sanyal, Naseeruddin  Shah.
The modern day, Duryodhan, Manoj Bajpayee did fabulous and is always frowning, cribbing, breaking down in the bouts of drunken stupor, and coming back riding on the back of his dearest ally Suraj( Karna).
Arjun Rampal has shown his mettle and is faring better and better with the passing time.
Ranbir Kapoor, unlikely Arjun played in background with all his high-tech tools. Maneuvering and scheming, seated at his office chair and devising all those chakravyuhs behind the curtains.
Nana Patekar, the modern times Krishna, though called mama ji, won hearts with his ‘vinamra’ speeches and teachings throughout the movie.
Oh! You might be wondering, Prakash Jha had only Mahabharata to refer to. You are mistaken friends; all the killings done in the movie are after the fashion of Godfather. Like, Michael (Al Pacino) the youngest son of Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando, Godfather), Ranbir Kapoor, youngest of the political clan in Jha’ Rajneeti is considered as a civilian who has nothing to do with Rajneeti and is a scholar. Ranbir (Samar Pratap), at the end like Michael of Godfather avenges for the treatment of his family by Manoj Bajhpayee (Virendra Pratap singh).
Now, you know what Jha intended to do- Re-instill the lessons of Mahabharata & Godfather in your mind.
Don’t look for the plot in my blog. Better, watch it yourself! Didn’t I say, It’s worth watching one time.
To talk on background score, I am not much of a technical sort so I have no qualms with it. I liked Mora Piya Mose Bolat ….

Prakash Jha did a fabulous work.  Indeed! 

Don’t look for:

  • Nasseruddin Shah’s known and to-marvel-at dialogue delivery
  • Nana Patekar’s scathing remarks
  • Ajay Devgan’s acting. I found him great in Gangajal & Apahran. He could have been better in this short role as well, but…
  • Ranbir Kapoor’s stereotype fresher stint & a happy-go-lucky image, which he never seemed to be at all in the entire movie. Seems burdened with the thoughts right from mother’s womb.

Look For:

  • Nikhila Trikha, who only a few years older than Ranbir and played a mother to him. She has all the accolades from me.
  • Arjun Rampal shines in his role
  • Ranbir Kapoor’s decent somber role
  • Typical Indian rather call it a stereotype image of a Rajneeti

PS: Do not rely on my Review on Rajneeti completely. Go & Watch it yourself!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back To Blog!

On a cheerful note, I would like to let you all know I am back on blogging. Ah! It seems ages have gone past.
1. I am finally settled in Gurgaon with my husband Deepak who has relocated to India from Singapore.
2. I am planning to resume my long lost academics.
3. I am looking forward to my French Classes. (I may visit Alliance Française de delhi ) 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come Soon

Seems no more arrows left in my shaft now. I feel so tired and worn out. A new beginning is being awaited since so long. I’m still to quench my thirst, and they say showers are nowhere in the picture for long now....

I sighed; tear trickled down my cheek listlessly, shorn of its essence. Look, how difficult it is to live with you. Life moves on, yet it doesn’t... really!

It is painful to you as it is to me-to live apart thus. Do come soon.

Love You!