Monday, June 7, 2010

An Evening Plus Night Out

Had, indeed a good evening last Saturday. Watched  movie, Rajneeti with Deepak (husband) and his friends, Lamba, Vijayadithan, Irfan (Vijay’ roommate), and Premanjali (Irfan’s gf). After movie, Deepak suggested to dine at some highway dhaba so we all headed to Mesar. Just before 1km before Manesar we found the right one for us. Had, typical khana, dal makhani, shahi paneer, aaloo jeera, dal fry, tandoori roti, and a complimentary salad. It was a refreshing night out for me.

I have been out at such a late hour of the night, after ages. Reached home around 1:45. I had good time (the most awaited and yearned for). First time in my marriage (which is just five months old), I felt immensely satisfied that there is yet more to live for.

Sometimes, in life what you want comes very late to you, when the charm for something is at the verge of vanishing down. Does it hold the same significance or enchantment? For me, Yes! It did!

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