Friday, December 10, 2010

First Year Of My Marriage!

Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
We have been married for a year now and it seems to me as we have always been together in this relationship. There had never been first sight, first meeting, engagement, or marriage. We have just been together since ages. Love is what makes you blind, this is what people have to say. Seems love is something that matures you as an individual and make you know various facets of your own personality that goes ignored hitherto until or unless you are wedded to a person. Only then you come to know yourself in a very different manner. Your partner is the one who makes you learn and know life in many wonderful ways and then together you create a beautiful world to live in.
In this brief period of our conjugal relation, he has made me fall in love with him many times. Yes, this is what a marriage does to you- makes you fall in love with the same person again and again; sometimes for several reasons and many a times just for nothing.
I loved him so we got married. Now, I cannot imagine a moment without him. I need him all the time. It doesn’t matter what he is busy into but his presence makes me comfortable and lends a solace that nobody and nothing can ever.
Now, this first year of my married life made me know certain facts, brought out my varied potentials on fore, and made me understand Deepak & myself in different light
Ø  He is not exactly what he had been before marriage in all the manners. Telephonic conversations or online chats never allow you to know the real person behind the chat id. It is when you live together you get to know each other better. 
Ø  He is not as calm as he seems to be. Not only I came to know of real him but I got rendezvous with my hidden self. I never knew how intolerant I am of traditional norms that bound this society. Of course I had always been a rebel against social norms yet never flared up so intensely the way I usually get after marriage.  May be I am wrong or maybe he too goes out of his way to make me do things which I detest the most in the world. But, at the end of the day he knows this very well, I do what he wishes me to do. I just want him to consider that I too can be right at times.
Ø  It’s not all about negative things. I never knew I can love cooking so much which I used to detest before marriage. I never cooked at my home; never my mum had any leisure & pleasure to savor the food I make. Now, I cook well rather I love cooking so much.  Usually, I don’t approve of everyone’s eating manners but I love watching over him –the way he enjoys food.
Ø  He too gets angry which I thought could not be imagined even. But, he knows how to handle his temper which I have never known in my case. (He usually calms down when he sees that he won’t be able to cool down my anger, lol! Cunning chap!)
Ø  He opts for midway and I being an extremist wants wither this way or that.
Ø  He gives preference to honor due for an age or a relation whereas I arbitrate on the basis of what is right and what is wrong. No compensation for age or the relation.
Ø  I live in a moment and he plans for future. He worries for future to such an extent that he is letting his present pass by. He is not enjoying life. I want him to live for the moment sometimes, the way I do. You never know when “the bell tolls for thee…” so live every moment of your life. Because after ten years from now he will be regretting for the time he lost wondering and worrying so much. He will look at his matronly-matured-wife and feel sad wish “I would have given her best of my youthful days.J
Ø  He is a caring husband who has never left my side even in my darkest of moods. He endured all my mood swings with a smile only fuming over them sometimes.
Ø  He is mature and not impulsive like me.
Ø  He has misunderstood me in so many matters and is reluctant to consider my point of view. Despite this foretasted fact we come to a conclusion that reconciles us.
Ø  We both share love and concern for stray animals. And, this is something I like best in him.
I Like, Adore, & Love-
Ø  I like it when he says he cannot imagine his life without me.
Ø  I like it when he clicks photographs of me when I am asleep. Sometimes I am wide awake yet pretend to be sleeping because I love him watching over me.
Ø  I like it when he enjoys his meals. This is what I promised him before marriage that “I’ll ensure you have good food every day.”
Ø  I simply adore him when I feel that he needs me as much as I do need him.
Ø  I like his honesty, ingenuity, care & concern.

Note Bene-
Ø  I hate it when you make background music while having meals and do so intentionally all the more to tease me.
Ø  I don’t like when you give silly reasons to prove yourself right and say things that hurts me a lot.
Ø  I detest him letting people take advantage of him unnecessarily. Especially when those situations could be avoided and averted.
The Verse Is Dedicated To You-
Aasman mein jab tak sitare  rahenge
Hum ek dusre  ke sahare  rahenge
Nazdikiyan yah on duriyaan
Bas pyaar hi rahega darmiyaan
Rahon mein nahin dhup ka ghum
Thandi chaya dega hardum
Hamara yeh pyaar bhara rishta
·         I have revised the last line of the verse which was: “pavitra rishta/tere mere man ka”
We are soon going to be Mum & Dad, and we will always try to be best parents. Our child would be the fruit of love that we have for each other and we will ensure its safety and good upbringing. Amen!