Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chulbul Added To Our Family!

We are an average earning family with not much of the financial resources to back up in the times of dire necessities. We are going through financial crunch with upcoming baby expenses. Yet, we love to feed a stray dog without any reservations. We have kind of adopted him. It’s just that instead of giving him home to sleep, we allow him to stay wherever he likes but come to us at the time of meals. We regularly provide him with three meals a day like we do for ourselves.

My husband, who earlier used to be afraid of Dogs, has now grown fond of this one particular. He has named him Chulbul and first thing that he does after coming back from office is to meet Chulbul, give him his dinner, walk with him in during late evening hours for some time and then come back to have his own dinner. It’s lovely to see that how this dog has become a part of our life. We just cannot have our meals without feeding him first. He is a nature’s child so we don’t want him to be tied to a collar and chain  instead it’s good to see that he is free unlike those pets who are chained and wait for their owners to take them out for their  daily ablutions. We play with him, feed him, love him, and I even make sure that he has teaks and lice free body.
We cannot offer food for all the stray animals in our locality but I am contented that we are doing our bit. May be, with God’s grace on us we would be able to offer a good shelter and regular meals to as much stray animals that come in our view.

There is also one woman in Gurgaon DLF Phase III, who every morning feeds almost all the stray dogs she passes by. God bless her and help her in her endeavor of providing food to poor stray animals.

Ø  I so much wish to see people turning vegetarian one day!
Ø  Be kind to poor animals
Ø  Stop using animals a guinea pig
Ø  Skinning animals to save one’s skin