Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Prisoner Of Apprehensions!

Sitting on a  hospital bed and looking out of the glass window pane. Seems , I am closed in a glass chamber built on the top of some hill.
There is no sign of baby coming via normal labor pains. I am sacred of cesarean.
Injections, tabs, drip, and now 50-50 chances of C-Section... What's all this  going on? They say, I'll forget all the pain once I have my baby in my arms.

Day 1 In Hospital

Hospital is one of the most detested places in the entire world for me. Yet, I am forced to be here for some time now. Because one of the most beautiful thing is going to happen here... my child! I just hope things go well since doc says I won't be having normal labour i.e. have to undergo induced labour. Artificial pains would be given right from this evening 5:00pm -9:00 pm. and then second dose of the injection would be given in morning 9:00 am till 12:00 pm. if still no labour pains then doc would go for C-section.
I just hope Labour gets started on its own and I get spared from Caesarean.
Mum and Deepak are here with me constantly. I just am so happy to have such a doting and caring husband.
If I haven't had sound sleep from last 4 months, then it's him too has who has accompanied my sleepless nights talking and jesting with me, cooking for me.
Mum is really scared because she had bad experiences of caesarean and it's very obvious that no mother would ever sit patiently while her daughter is undergoing severe pains and troubles.
I had never been injected as per my knowledge before marriage (except those blood donations I did during college). And, now, I’m being injected many a times in a single day. Tauba!
Doctor Bindu Garg, of Neelkanth Infertility Centre (multi-super speciality hospitals) is a wonderful lady. Very frank and explained all the issues and complicacies related to my delivery in a very good manner. Deepak is contented and not scared anymore.

Day 1
I had been injected with Drotin so that false pains get subsided and true labor pains get their way. But, that was of no avail so I had been given two injections of Buscopan last night. I had to face terrible cramps in night but those subsided in morning. Duh! L