Friday, June 3, 2011

Banana Ice-Cream!

All of you may be wondering what have become of me. Where I have lost? But, here, from past one year i.e. during entire term of my pregnancy I was busy cooking and baking. Lo! What I have discovered is a new me- a complete homemaker who loves cooking and hosting dinners and lunches for kith and kin.  Prior marriage I never put myself into the shoes that leads one to kitchen but seems these days I wear those shoes only.

I wanted to make some ice-cream for Deepak, found one good recipe on Google which was simple and a quickie too for a mother of 5 month baby (who is always running short of time). So, here is the recipe for you-

Banana ice-cream- peel and put four bananas into the grinder. Add a spoon of corn flour and some lime juice into it. Grind them well. Keep a steel container in the freezer and let the frost surface on it for 10 minutes. Pour the mixture from the grinder into the container and keep it back into the freezer.  After 40-45 minutes you will find a crust of ice. Break it with hand beater and beat it until smooth again.  Keep it back to the freezer and repeat the same process after 30 minutes.  Leave it for 30 more minutes in the freezer. Scoop it with style and serve!

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