Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Hope!

Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. This is what I try to remind myself. It is usually when I gear my broken and torn wings together to take a flight afresh. But, a small jolt of wind threatens me. It stops me from coming out of my shell and face the world. It seems my senses have become too sensitive to respond to the outside world. It’s been long since I am in the closet.
I failed. No, it would be better to say, I have failed myself utterly when there was the chance of winning the game, just a step away. I could have achieved a lot but deterred myself and wasted my creative energy in pining and cribbing.  Now, time is gone far beyond imagination and I cannot stretch my hands to get even some fractions of it. Yet, the flame is still burning, deep within the heaps of ashes. Can you see the flickering light, it’s me still breathing. Yet, hope has not deserted me completely.
I’ll rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

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