Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Baby-Tanushya

Now, I understand what beautiful phase motherhood is after becoming a mother. I have always understood the meaning of the term and respected its importance but never ever I had felt its gravity like I do now. She has my eyes but stole brown colour of pupils from her dad. She has my smile but chubby cheeks like her father. She has brown hair like me. She is the essence of our life. We were merely two beings living in the world and she gave meaning to us. She defines what we are and has made our life wonderful. If you want to see her million dollars smile then greet her good morning and you will marvel at the response she gives.   
She is a quick learner.  A few lovely achievements in her kitty:

v  She has learned how to sit and can do so without support for 2 minutes and then a jerk and a quick call for mammaJ.
v  While bathing Tashu takes support of bath tub and doesn’t allow me to help her. Earlier she used to give me lots of trouble but now she loves bathing, the splash of cold water on her body.
v  She holds her bottle while taking feed. Getting independent hunh!
v  She talks and talks in her own beautiful language. And, the sound of her voice is a sweet melody to my ears.
v  She loves watching CN & sports channels.  When a commentator gets close to the screen she feels they are talking to her and starts giggling and kicking her legs in excitement.
v  She has learned how to change position and turn with the call of her name.  I never find her in same place on bed where I tucked in.
Tashu is not a child who gives nightmares to parents. She is silent and happy-go-lucky kid. Give her toys, switch on Cartoon Network and she is busy. I can do my work then!  She never sleeps sound.  Even a slight noise wakes her up and that pains me a lot. 
At times I wonder how much I love her and have simply forgotten all the pains I endured during caesarean.  One thing I cannot tolerate is Tashu crying. This doens’t means I give or would give into her wrong demands. Of course, every mother knows and understands what is right and wrong for kids.
Just watch her sleeping and you will fall in love with her. She smiles, frowns, and makes faces during sleep.  A beauty my eyes never be-held before!
It's wonderful to see your child grow. Registering her every gesture, expression, and movement in your mind and living every moment time and again is so blissful. Deepak usually gets late to office which has become a norm now since last one year. But, these days his daughter's smiles & giggles doesn't let him get ready for his office. We used to fight over his laptop and Internet fixation all the time after office hours. Now, seems Tashu has taken over this mania and he gets too engrossed in her little games of snatching cell phone, pulling Tata Photon out of the jack, kicking his laptop. Thanks to her!
 To simply put into words, this transition in my life-
"Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto."- If there is a heaven on earth, it's here, it's here, it's here.
Okay, now I have to stop typing as Tanushya Sharma is struggling to get hold of laptop and give her autograph on FB lol!
 There will be more of Tanushya (Tashu), parenting (as I learn), motherhood, and babies till then ciao!