Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poems Jockey

I have just turned into a ‘PJ’. It’s a sudden surfacing of my talent, but all thanks to Tanushya Sharma. You must be wondering why am I uttering gibberish. ‘No No No’- like Tashu says. This ain't a lie, my little princess has recently learned few Rhymes:

  • Ba ba bakchee-Ba ba black sheep
  • Cau cau-Cobbler cobbler
  • Goo gooey-Goosey goosey gander
  • Umty umty-Humpty dumpty
  • Emmie emmie emmie-Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
  • Teddy teddy-Teddy bear teddy bear

She gives command- “Mammy, ba ba bakchee” the moment I start singing “Ba Ba Black Sheep” she asks me to sing cau cau (“Cobbler Cobbler”)... This way I keep singing first lines of all the above mentioned poems randomly. 

Ain't I a new 'PJ- Poems Jockey' in town :)
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