Monday, September 17, 2012

Enuresis (Bed-Wetting) Can Be Treated.

Bed wetting (Enuresis) is a common problem that many kids suffer from. What measures should be taken for the same? How do you cope up with the situation? This is a very delicate issue with both the children and parents. Toddlers may not have cognizance developed enough to understand it but children from the age of 3 onward get embarrassed about it and tend to isolate themselves with the society of other kids. Some parents consider scolding or punishing their children as the best option but do you really think this is how one should handle it.
There are certain facts that need to be considered before you begin the treatment for bed wetting that includes: behavioral changes in your child; eating habits; sleeping pattern.
It's often noticed that children with stress in their mind tend to wet their bed more. This makes it important to find out why your child feels isolated, what he keeps thinking about, or is he sacred of somebody or anything. Once you have determined all these points, then it could be a lot easier for you to solve the problem and spare your kid from further embarrassment caused by Enuresis.
Secondly, ensure to give milk or any beverage before two hours getting into bed. And, make it a practice with your children to clear their bowels before going to bed.
Children tend to wet bed during spring and winters. So, for this makes sure they are covered fully with blanket or something warm while sleeping.
Also, give them soup, warm milk, Sesame Ladoo in winters.
Try to build confidence in your children. Sometimes children with low confidence levels develop inferiority complexes, isolate themselves and in such despair tend to lose control over their body functions. This often results into bed wetting. They, in their dreams let themselves loose which in real results into releasing urine from their body and they feel relaxed, but, this relaxation is followed by sudden embarrassment as they feel so shy and humiliating to see themselves in such situation. So, instead of being rude and authoritative try to be calm and understanding with your children, talk to them and try making them understand that they need to control on their basic desires. Loving and understanding talks gets registered in the subconscious of the children and they feel more comfortable.
You can also consult Homeopathy- it takes a longer time but is more effective and long lasting as comparable to Allopathic treatment.
For toddlers, you need to keep patience and give them toilet training. This may be a painstaking and a time taking procedure but once you have done this, you and your baby’s life would be stress free. Toilet training can be started from 8 month. Buy a funny and stylish potty seat for your baby (Lots of colorful potty seats in animal designs are available ion market) and keep that in bathroom. After every 10-15 minutes take your baby in the bathroom and make him sit on it. Try making procedure little interesting for him. Point out stuffs in bathroom and name them, tell him what are you supposed to do. Slowly and gradually your kid will learn his needs and would tell you that he needs to pee/poop. Give a name to it and pretend as if you are into some game. Kids learn things lovingly not forcefully.

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