Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trip to Lucknow- The Train Journey!

So, finally a vacation, if it can be called so. Lucknow trip was in mind of course, but the plan was never concrete. I still am in daze so as to how my dear husband sacrificed this much- taking a holiday from his beloved workplace. But, then revelation was not far behind- he had a fixture in process which he worked on in Lucknow. He was happy with his lappy and some David (the client or what not).
Lets begin in a classic way- that's the way I love to read stories.
One fine evening, on December 4, 2012, which actually turned out to be the terrible beginning for a holiday (Tashu hit herself on her eye lid, Deepak's fixture didn't close, landlord cheated 1500/-from previous month's rent), we left for Old Delhi Railway Station to catch our Farakka Express bound for Malda and Lucknow being one of its drop. En route station we went to my Ma's place for a quick dinner and leave our car. I confidently suggested Deepak that it's NDLS from where we have to board the train. Unfortunately and as usual I was wrong, and train was from Old Delhi Railway Station (DLI). We immediately rushed to take auto for the right station and fortunately made it in time.
Now, the train- It was very unhygienic and people are all over it right from berths to floors to doors. We had those side seats and as far as I can recollect it was RAC (Reservation against cancellation). We had seats no. 15 & 23 i.e. my seat back faces his one. Though its the very common seating pattern which we actually practise in our daily routine but I thought of compromising during train travel and so did he. Deepak exchanged the seats and sat right in front of me with his premonitions related to chilly night winds. He actually was right; I mistakenly did not pick comforters and so had to spend a very wry and back chilling night. I slept uneasy or rather say didn't sleep at all. Waited for morning to come so that pain of not able to sleep due to cold winds seeping through gaps in windows subdues. I am thankful that I had enough shawls to keep Tashu warm that night. Though, I am not liking it yet I have to say Deepak's premonitions were right that I and Tashu are going to have very painful night journey. He at one point even suggested deboarding the train and getting back home to which I refused feeling that this chance would never come back.
There were umpteen situations that made me go into tizzy during that night train journey but Deepak won the field again- he managed, amidst all the confusions of seat exchanging and spine chilling winds, to work on his laptop. God, I was so pissed off that time- I might even have looked like a twin sister of red color Angry Bird (which you can easily find in Shoppers Stop, Big Bazar, and many other toy shops.
We reached Lucknow in time. Kundan and Sohini were there on the Lucknow station to receive us. Finally, few days away from tedious household chores and Deepak's ruminations over future & plans. I was looking forward to some great time with my husband, kiddo and of course with Deepak's friends whom I now consider as members of my extended family.
The issue got settled that we are to stay first at Kundan's place and then with Sharat.
We went first to A Sahib's( that's how Sharat is being referred as-'A' stand for governor's ADC from Army) residence in Rajbhavan UP. I have always found Sarita ('always' as if I have met her 'n' number of times- lol!) very coy and reserved-les talking types. On the contrary she is so vibrant with all those easy falling words and smile of hers. And, guys let me tell you, if my dear husband begs first position in chai-wallah competition then she is no behind. She gives tough competition to Deepak. Tea was so refreshing and aah I can still feel the aroma and taste of it down my throat. (wink wink). Tashu had some flowery times-plucking flowers from Sarita's garden. Then we left for Kundan's home thereafter.
So, we reached Omaxe City- residence of Kundan-Sohini. :)
Stay at Omaxe City, Lucknow....
Keep Walking... :) ;)
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