Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kundan's Land Finally!

I just had a thought-shall this post be the thread of the last one or begin afresh. No idea! Whatever be the case this post will still stand individually. Before, I tell you about Kundan's Land (the term got its coinage from a well known member of Georgian family who himself is a travel writer).

Let me take you little back in time so that nothing gets missed.

So, finally we reached Lucknow station. Train was I think late. My dear husband said how to find Kundan-Sohini here. Well, he knew, and of course I knew that wouldn't be too difficult. You just have to look for chic & sassy Sunglassed faces- lo behold! There comes Kundan-Sohini. Guys, couple really have a style statement! Loved it! I personally feel, very few people know how to carry glares and they are the ones!

After having nice, warm ginger tea we left for Kundan's place. This is one such new feeling -to be picked-taken-rushed-again taken-shown around. You might be going crazy with all this mumbo jumbo well, what all I mean is it was new to be new at some place where you are just supposed to sit and wait for things to be done. 

Kundan aka Mars champ has this flair for talking and telling you things- this tendency to tell you everything in a go with details. And, he really was bubbling with full on martial energy hahaha after all we were in Kundan’s Land. You can never complain ‘you didn’t tell us this or that.’ It’s up to you how much attentive you have been while all the details were poured in. I had heard of so much about Omaxe City and his newly built house that I just didn’t want to miss that first look. I hardly had a minute’s sleep in train and was practically dozing en route Kundan’s home yet I snatched myself forcibly from the stupor and got attentive to him. He took us from main gate of the residential society-Omaxe City so that we can have a good look around. And, I propped myself up a little to see and take in everything in my view. We took a big round and then a right turn and there stood his palatial mansion alone so defined- huge white house.

Uncle was reading a newspaper, relaxing under morning sun. His chair facing little lawn they had maintained. I was so tired to see around yet I never miss to see little gardens in the houses. I have lived in a house with huge garden before coming back to India. Besides a little garden in your house is the most precious possession-like an asset you feel pride in.

I greeted uncle and aunty. Actually, to be honest, I was looking forward to meeting Kundan’s mother. As, Sohini told me she is a very nice lady and I too found her so. I don’t understand her language (Bhojpuri) but her expressions and smile make me comprehend whatever she is talking about. Most of the time either I nod or smile back or say ‘haan ji’. But, then this is also a kind of conversation -a smile from one face to the other.

I was so hungry. Usually, I never even ask a glass of water with anybody, but when Sohini went in kitchen to fry bhaturas then I just couldn’t control and just had garam garam Chole Bhature which actually were so tasty. Kundan showed us our room.  

Kids have their own way of expressing joys and sorrows, likes and dislikes et al. Tashu liked the house more than me and Deepak. She was really enjoying there- climbing up and down stairs, watching Doraemon through stairs. 

Sohini has kept Television set in such a way that anybody can see it from anywhere in the house. People in kitchen, on stairs, on first floor-it’s a view for all and spares kids  from straining their eyes too.

I honestly do not want to compromise on the privacy of KS... yet let me tell you I really liked the idea of wardrobe cum dressing room cum bathroom attached to their bedroom. At first, I wondered why Kundan and Deepak are leading me to a cupboard when what I asked was a bathroom to take a good nice shower. I didn’t want to be hurled into a cupboard for this. (As kids in Narnia and discover a new world of fantasies and even if it has to be done then let me take my little girl along why she miss all the fun) And, lo it was actually a bathroom with nice dressing area.

I must say Kundan has done a lot of thinking and invested loads of hard work, money, and time and above rest his dreams. Dreams are those precious ingredients that help in building a beautiful world for you. Aah, again I’m going astray.
Tashu and I took a power nap and then we left for outing. We were there for three little days so no lazing.

KS (Okay now on Kundan-Sohini would be KS) took us to their society club- an awesome place to spend your evenings. I so very much liked that with pools for adults and kids. Relaxing area, clear water pool, palm trees surrounding the entire area what else one would need.  It was so beautiful. Tashu didn’t want to come back; she was so exhilarated at the sight of so much water around her. We literally had to drag her back from there. I really envy you people for this lol!

We took a round of entire Omaxe City. It’s quite similar to the Sushant Lok in Gurgaon or may be more like a place where Vijayadithan used to stay. It’s remote from the main city hubbub, peaceful with less traffic and less people then we went to Sushant Golf City. It was beautiful indeed but all of this made me feel little wearied- I don’t mean ‘put off’ actually it was like I expected something else from the city ‘Lucknow’ and haven’t seen any of it anywhere.

Though, the silence- I would definitely not call it ‘peace’ was for sometime soothing which of course we delhiites do not usually find. These societies resemble like concrete jungle of bricks with impenetrable silence in them. They are so lifeless because people who generally shift to such sites are so loners the do-not-disturb-me-or-I’ll –see-you-by-fist types.

We were doing sightseeing, gossiping and having good time but what got registered in my mind is Kundan’s exhilaration- the excitement with which he was showing every place. It happens when you realise your dream somewhere and you want people to feel it and see them the world you have made for yourself. I would have done same in his place and I was so liking it and slipping into my own reveries again which of course I am not going to talk about now-may be later some time.

At Golf City too Tashu had fun. We all actually had some good moments together. It was tranquil there with green grass, water fountains and a steep slope which Tashu definitely loved most.  

And, here too was fountain so again it was real difficult for us to drag little girl back.

We went to Sharat’s place after that- to his office where Tashu spilled tea. Everybody noticed that I am not with my husband that day but next TATA-Ambani-Birla or something like that in the line.  I was about to forget this episode OMG. This was the highlight actually, didn’t I tell you Deepak was in the middle of some deal when we left Delhi. So, here this deal was on-going and he was continuously talking to some Mr.David on phone which finally confirmed Kundan that my husband is more interested in this David guy and not in his wife. Alas! Poor me, how so much I tried to hide but couldn’t.

Anyway, it was not only me who is struggling with - Pati-Patni- aur Phone scenario; Sarita too is a company in this.

Evening was a ride to the city- Not ‘City of Nawabs’ but ‘City of Mayawati.’ (here, again I quipped about this self obssessed lady and my husband is going to warn me against the consequences that may befall upon me).  Kundan drove through the city showing us all those stone carvings, and ‘huge parks with no parks,’ elephantas, in the city. We checked out Ambedkar Park, a huge memorial built in B.R. Ambedkar’s (who of course must be wondering like me-“ why the hell so many stone gardens- a small plant would have done it man!or a hospital or may be a free school”  “the lady has gone crazy cashing my name, I bloody died poor in vain”) memory.  

And, then back home.

I wanted to take a stroll outside after dinner with Sohini so for this I planned to put Tashu to sleep first. When Sohini asked to come for a walk it was me whom I put to slumber. I was dead tired!

Kundan’s parents are very simple people. Aunt’s language as I told you I cannot comprehend yet understand.  She gave me a Sari which Sohini made me choose. It was not necessary but couldn’t refuse aunty, though she was very much concerned whether I’ll wear that or not since she has never seen me in sari or suits either.   A funny episode happened related to my dressing. Kundan’s nani ji was there and she asked his mum, “doesn’t she wear anything like sari or what...” to which aunty replied, “no, these are the only kind of dresses she wears, and don’t worry.” She felt that I am not used to wear saris. I was there when this tete`-a-tete was going on in between elderly mum and daughter. I just couldn’t control myself and a giggle passed out. Aunty gave me an expression as if she had made her mum understand things well.

Mithu (Parrot) was the centre of attraction there.

Tashu made them put the cage down so that she can talk and play face to face with him. She tried her best to feed him biscuit, chapati, daal and everything else she could get hold of. Mithu too understood she is a hard nut so he played the competition hooting on the top of the voices. Tashu befriended Subhi (kundan’s niece) and that because she drew Doraemon for her.

I wanted to talk about Sohini, but just couldn’t find space in between as she needed some special mention. From last time I met her she has grown mature, very mature. It was so nice to see her managing this big house which I definitely would not be able to do alone. She was happy. They say ‘first impression is the last’ and how so true it is in her case. For me she is like those little birds who starts chirruping with first ray of sun. Sound of her voice is like a bird chirruping-smiling and laughing and talking at the same time. And yeah, Kundan she is a true match to you-high spirited and bright young lady.

Next day we had to leave for Sharat’s place and yeah there were some plans of going to Lucknow Mahotsav, and of course I didn’t want to miss visits to historical sites. I fell in deep slumber-still hoping to see the City I had always been reading of in my books.

Keep Walking...
At Sharat’s-Next Day!