Monday, February 25, 2013

Answer To The Riddle Is In The Middle

Tashu cried when 'Didi' took her away from me to her settling class. I felt bad for my girl but it has to be done. She needs to learn to stay away from me for some time.
It's just an hour class. I took my laptop along and worked on the urgent assignment that should have been mailed two days back. It's tough bringing up kids along with your work in a nuclear family.
Her teacher told me- "Tanushya is little short tempered and wants her way out in almost everything. She just does whatever she likes to do and doesn't pay heed to what she is being told. She didn't cry much in class."
I am hurt; actually it would be better to say I am depressed about the state of affairs with Tashu these days. She has grown irritable, cranky, short tempered, and stubborn-wonder why?
I came back home feeling low and sad. She was not willing to have her lunch. I meantime Harsimran, daughter of my neighbour upstairs came down to play with Tashu. I asked the girl, Simran beta do you eat your lunch to which she said yes aunty and then I asked her to tell this to Tashu too. Tashu started eating her daal-chawal the moment Simran told her that she eats her lunch and becomes a good girl.
My neighbour inquired why I am looking so depressed and I narrated her dukh bhari gatha- what she told me was very simple and obvious reason which I missed to notice- “you left Tashu with other people, be it for an hour for two days, the child has grown insecure. She thinks you leave her with someone strange. We don't realize but children's hearts and minds are more alert to the changes in their world."
Tashu is insecure; you need to give her little extra time, play with her, and make her understand things outside the home. And above all, you are so insecure about your child going away from you for a certain time then how could you expect a positive reaction from a 2 year old when you yourself transmitting the negative energy to her."
Sometimes, the answer to all our doubts are right in front of our eyes still we need someone to show us the direction to reach them.
“Answer to the riddle is in the middle.”

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