Friday, May 31, 2013

Grand Parents Day Celebration @ Mother's Pride

March 3, 2013
Tanushya was invited along with her grandparents to Grand Parents Day Celebration in her school. Dada-Dadi couldn't make it due to some reason so Nani came along. 

I liked the idea- Grand parents too have their moments-to relive their childhood with kids.

It was so good to see so many nana-nannis, dada-dadis, enthusiastically participating in the event.

First there were two performances by a group of kids, and then all the grannies were called up on stage to do a catwalk with the western background score. All of them walked the stage with gusto. . The best granny was in jeans and she waved to the audience and gave flying kisses; one of the granny showed some great moves and one another flared her Saree Pallu with such elegance-wow! 5 grannies became the winner and received prizes from the principal.

Next came Grand dads's turn-they had to do a funny tongue twister- "Nandu ke nana ne Nandu ki Nani ko Nandnagri mein naagin dikhayi"- there were two granddads of one kid (both the nana and dada) they did duet and solo for this- they were too old even to stand properly, and things were hardly audible to them and yet What a Sport!

Teachers did one performance-it was full of fun & frolic!

Tanushya's nani went to the stage and just waved her hand and came back- I wished dadi should have been there- she is so fond of stage performances and dance.

Never mind, this time we were just guests to have an idea of what Grand Parents Day is all about- Next year Tashu would also be performing along with grandparents- and I'm sure we will definitely bring a prize home! Lol!

There was a little party for kids and grandparents then oldies & kiddies had some fun in the play area.

Things have changed now- when did we see our grandparents having such fun with us in schools. Education definitely has become so pricey, but the idea of Playgroup has brought forth lots more interesting things- involvement of the entire family with kids at a place which actually is a second home for our kids- Kids belong to that place (their playgroups/schools) independent- and us- the parents are mere guests.

I was so amazed at Tashu showing me around- activity centre, ball pool- she said, " Mumma yan ball khelte hain." "Mam ne colours kiya hand mein."

Her teacher took me to the activity centre which was in fact a small colourful room made all the more beautiful with all kinds of puzzles and innovative games. I asked my girl something and she didn't respond but when her Yashica Mam told her to show me how to do puzzle she went straight ahead- I felt sad, envious, and happy at the same moment.

It's so difficult to make yourself comfortable with the idea that now your kid has a family other than you too- they are going to look up to somebody else (teachers) other than you- but the feeling is at the same exhilarating too.

And, of course Deepak had his time- eyeing some of the good looking teachers - guess, you guys already have the reports with you-;) 

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