Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Women's Day

March 8, 2013
What time would be the best to have this post- International women's Day!
I have never been tom-boyish and guess what I never liked this term 'Tom-boyish.' Why be one when you are the most beautiful creation of God-Woman- "Ohh womaniya, aahaa womaniya"
There is something so enticing in the very idea of 'being woman'- all things beautiful, sensitive, lovely, coquettish, teasing naughty, sensuous, gorgeous, delicate, exquisite, enticing, alluring, bewitching, divine, graceful, angelic, cute, ravishing, and colorful comes in mind- isn't it just awesome that only we women define all these adjectives- What would be this world without us!
Daughter, Sister, Friend, Mother- Love to all!

Now some of my woman-ish, freak-ish,. and craziest demands for the month of March-
1. I am so enamored by one of the peach colored Bata high heels- I have fallen so madly in love with it- I want it in my shoe rack (oops, I am not used to wearing heels more often STILL I WANT 'EM )
2. I want a BIBA Suit- the one I checked out in TGIP BIBA Store last week
3. I have suddenly realized- I have gone native from some time now- this means a day long trip to Parlor 
4. I want to buy some na na lots of trinkets, knick-knacks- just to fill in the draweers, jewellry box (s), foolishly
5. I want to go on a-long-time-pledged detox for a week to fit back in some of my dresses and look somewhat better on my birthday ( the day when my husband prefers to stay out on the pretext of official trips   )
6. Visit my girl friends and do lots of bitching (due since long), gossip- be little philo-so-phi-cal

Happy Women's Day to all you beautiful women out there- Be crazy, be lovely, be coquettish, be a tease, binge on chocolates, Don't just window shop- get yourself beautiful things, GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT!

And keep singing- haan haan main crzy hun.... 

BTW- who the hell in this world allotted just one day for women- "huunh , everyday is our day"-don't get into these silly day-ideas- It's just a marketing hoax so that you buy cards, gifts, blah blah blah- don't make a fool of yourself and waste the money government has left in our pockets so reluctantly   

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