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Memories To Be Cherished

Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 12:05am
There is always some specific incident or the choice or a thing that reminds us of someone with whom we had been friends or spent some good or bad times. The person can be a passerby, a short term acquaintance, or even someone with whom we are in never ending relationship.

Dear all, I would like to know something which reminds you of me. It can be a habit, an attitude, a style, a taste, a feeling, and even a moment.

Flip-flops, White bag, CCD lounge, remind me of Nanny as if she is the brand ambassador of them.
Pink color, know not why, mostly reminds me of Tina. May be because she is the one who looked best in the color and I had seen her in the same during PR days (Beginning ones).
Evening walks- I miss Trishna terribly. During my entire grads, we used to go for evening walk.
Wooden houses remind me of Pamela’ hazurbua’s place where he used to live into the same boundary just next to the pukka house. Isn’t it Pamela?
Every series on Fox History makes me think- Mani ko toh sab malum hoga…I have never found any voice impressive as his (except-Naseeruddin Shah & Gulzaar)
Purple color- Megha
hai hai coconut chutney-Prema
School days-Hemant
Cozy cozy pillow talks with Sonal
Vibhor used to make me recall my Lecturer Hemant Sharma- similar stature, wavy hair, nonchalant
And so on…

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