Friday, May 31, 2013

Tanushya and Her Little Games-2

February 10, 2013
Sometimes, I watch Tashu playing seriously. She is very serious and devoted to what she is doing in her imaginary world of a play. She talks to little panda-asks him if he wants tea or something else. Mickey usually wants to have a ride on the bicycle so Tashu puts him in the basket attached to her cycle for some time and give a little push. She has so much to do during her playtime. Dolly always wants her hair loose; Teddy wants to use loo so Tashu makes him sit on her potty seat for at least 5 minutes.

She is so concerned about what all needs to be cooked, and talk to each and every toy about whatever happened in the last few days-shadi gaya,, Tashu aa gaya, Nani shadi gaya, Tashu ko cheena , teddy shulana hai........ Blah blah.... I don't get hang of half of this sweet gibberish, yet it's so endearing like a sweet music to my ears.

I read in Montaigne' Essays

"Children's games are hardly games. Children are never more serious than when they play."

Seems very true!

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