Friday, May 31, 2013

Tanushya Joined Mother's Pride

February 22, 2013
Tanushya's first day at her play way school- Kith and kin called to wish her luck guess what, it was actually me who needed good lucks- since I was and not her who was shit nervous and jittery. She was taken to the first floor where settling down class was for first timers. I and Deepak waited at reception- parents have to come for a week through all the settling classes so in any case if a kid gets too cranky then there is one parent to pacify.

Deepak as usual had his phone calls to make and attend while I was pacing to and fro. Even the slightest sound of wailing sat me on the run. I felt as if it's my girl who is crying for Mumma. Parents are not allowed on the first floor near classrooms which actually is right too- all other kids would also start asking for their parents. BUT, I really felt so helpless in those moments of waiting.

Finally, I saw a teacher coming down with a little girl whose mother was waiting there at the reception. I asked about my one- "Tanushya-Oh, she cried initially, then quietened down, had her lunch and now busy doing puzzles." I felt quite relieved, but you know a mother's heart- never settles down until she sees her child safe in front of her eyes.

They gave us her school bag, Set of books (English, Hindi rhymes and word book), A welcome card for Tanushya, Parenting kit (books on parenting + positive parenting thoughts calendar), and picnic vest + Apron for Little girl.
When Tashu's (seems now we too start referring her as Tanushya  ) teacher told her that it's time to leave and the moment she mentioned 'mumma' Tashu started crying. I have no words to express what emotions stirred in me in that one hour and wonder how would I feel when Tashu will start attending school without me-waiting at reception 

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