Friday, May 31, 2013

Tanushya Settled Down in School

March 4, 2013
Tashu finally got settled in her play way. She is being assigned to playgroup section E. Tomorrow it would be her first day in class. I am so excited. today, when her settling class teacher brought her to me- neither she made a sad face nor cried at all. she came smiling and went directly to play area while her teacher gave me daily round up. 
Yashica (Tashu's teacher ) took her to the formal playgroup class for the trial, and the little girl behaved very well. she sat on her desk quietly and did lots of puzzles and ate her meals properly.
From Tuesday i.e. from tomorrow I won't be sitting at the reception waiting for her. I'll just pick and drop her. she will be attending three hours playschool from tomorrow.
At last, I and Deepak are satisfied with the way she has accepted her school.
Will be looking forward to her broken narratives after school 

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