Friday, May 31, 2013

Tanushya's Fav TV Shows and Movies

February 2, 2013
First thing in the morning is to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show which does not get telecast daily. To satisfy Tashu's daily craving for Mickey Mouse I have bought a Mickey Mouse DVD. However, my little girl seems no more interested in watching that after almost over 20 repeats.
Now, it's Dora the explorer on Nick Jr.
Today it's the turn of her favorite breakfast-Upma. 
She demands me to cook different things for her- loads of time and hard work, and she hardly eats a morsel or two. Like day before yesterday she asked me 'puri' and last night around 12:00 am she woke up and wanted to have 'igli. It's tough keeping up with toddlers demands.'
Now, time for coloring- right from drawing book to walls of her room to my laptop screen would be colorful in next 15-20 minutes. My girl is hardworking!
I and Deepak are fully well versed in all the cartoon shows, nursery rhymes, and different versions of ABC song.
I don't know whose fan DKS was previously from Hindi Films but now he is die hard fan of Simba- the lion king, Alex-the king of New York.
Right now, Tashu is drawing some weird lines on paper and giving them names- mummy, papa...seems a family portrait is on its way!

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