Friday, May 31, 2013

Women & Husbands

February 6, 2013
Wedding wedding wedding- lots of weddings! I am tired yet not exhausted! 

Each wedding preparation begins with a huge hubbub- what to wear, needs to be altered, matching jewellery, makeup, hairdo, footwear, clutch/potli, bangles, Tashu's dress, matching train of blah blah blah.....

And, to top it all Deepak weird expressions & reactions- why do you need a hairdo and then comes unexpected praise- "your hair are already so beautiful";

“Why on earth makeup?” “I have always noticed that women look beautiful without makeup and you, your skin is so good, and makeup makes you look dull tch tch tch”

I feel like keeping a divorce letter ready all the time when he behaves thus.... Men, they don’t understand if we women stop doing all this and throwing tantrums their life which is already so dull and colourless will become all the more boring.

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