Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tashu's First School Picnic

Saturday, 21 September 2013 at 11:11 Tashu had gone for picnic outside school premises today for the first time. My mind is so unsettled and I'm so apprehensive about how she would be doing. .. All should go well. She is favorite of her teachers so I am sure they would be taking good care of her and other kids too. Oh now I suddenly realize how difficult it used to be for ma to let me go for the picnic which ofcourse I went at the age of 13. My parents never let me go for picnics or school trips. First because they were always apprehensive about safety and wellbeing. Second most importantly because of economic constraints. I belong to a family where shelling money for such trips is pretty useless or I presume so. However, on contrary in case of my little sister she had always been allowed to go wherever she wanted to go yet she keeps cribbing like a horse whining for not being allowed to run free. .. lol she will eat me raw for this sure. Back to Tashu, though shradh, those days in Hindu religion you pay homage to your ancestors and deceased ones and not supposed to buy anything new. I went out all the way sacrificing rituals traditions and culture at the altar of mother's feelings and bought her a trouser and a top, shoes and some snacks for today's picnic. How much desperately I want to go and see how she is doing. Can't wait to pick her and know how much she enjoyed ... Shared with Memoires for Android
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