Monday, September 9, 2013

Tashu Taken To Hospital

Tashu is suffering from dry cough from past one month. We are giving her medicines and all yet you just cannot stop kids from doing and having everything. So, I stopped keeping water bottles in the fridge, now she would not be asking cold water to drink. She loves ice-cream and we're trying our best to not to let her see even one.
Last night we were out for dinner with friends. Catching up and all and Tashu had lots of fun. She didn’t get up in the morning for school. And, I let her sleep so that she doesn’t feel tired all the day long.
She woke up around 11:00 AM and asked for a Choco Pie. There is a limit to restrain your kid from everything. We in this age cannot just resist certain temptations how could we expect a child of 2.6 years to stop eating chocolates altogether. I complied with her request and went back to my work. She started coughing right after having it. I felt sad. Can’t help though! Suddenly I realized even I am feeling uneasy to breathe (my maid told me in the morning there is some very unusual odour in kitchen). I went to the kitchen and saw white mist and just couldn’t breathe and puked. When I came back Tashu was literally choking, reddened face smeared with tears and she puked almost everywhere in the room. I just took her to bathroom gave her a quick shower and meanwhile we both were short of breath.
I immediately called Deepak and we rushed to Max Hospitals emergency. They gave her a nebulizer for almost 30 minutes and then we met her Paediatrician Dr. Shishir Bhatnagar Whom I informed that she haven’t yet recovered from Dry cough, and this happened today. He was surprised that people still use such Pest control. He advised to get a chest X-Ray done.
When we showed X-Ray reports he exclaimed “I am not happy with the results, she has pneumonia patches” and prescribed meds for 9 days along with nebulizer for 5 days.
I just cannot sum up how it feels to see your child with that ridiculous looking mask over her face. It kills you. I know, it was just a nebulizer that helps in breathing easy still it’s some medical equipment they mount on your face - and it was over my beautiful little doll. I don’t know how many times I cursed the people who got the Pest control done (later I came to know it was our landlord).
Tashu is just 2.6 years and got exposed to the radiations of X-Ray. I cannot just simply erase the image of her fragile half naked from top body standing in front of X-Ray Machine. Dks and I were holding both her arms stretched horizontally. We were made to wear some radiation proof jackets and what about my little girl. My mind was plagued with so many thoughts in those moments of waiting. What Tashu might be thinking, she might be wondering what is all this they are doing to me and making me stand like that...
Every time I see my daughter in pain, the realization dawns on me how much it would have pained my Ma when she saw me crying in pain on regaining consciousness after my Caesarean. She must have felt so horrid and helpless on seeing her child being injected and operated... Nobody knows and can ever sum up the feelings of a mother whose entire life is her children – her flesh and blood. And, how ruthless we become when we grow old - our priorities, wishes, desires, and life. We hardly even think if our parents wouldn’t have been there, how we could even be able to ask/demand/raise our voices...

I am grateful to God for making me a parent to know what it is to be a parent and what all goes into giving birth and bringing up a child.
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