Monday, September 16, 2013

My Life – A Reverie It Is !

Most of the time it's my reveries that distract but believe me I so very much love to be lost like that. All day long to do nothing just sitting with eyes wide open, creating a web of weird possibilities, wonderful life and things the way I wish them to be or want.
It's just one of those crazy moments of my life when I feel "waah life ho toh aisi..."
Few days back I was imagining myself like a woman in her early thirties with a scarf tied around her head as a turban, wearing long flowing chequered skirt (black and beige) with a Huge belt on my waist with a prominent buckle White ruffled shirt resembling the ruffles in the hair flowing wayward because of those rapid walks I am taking in the room. One hand in the air gesturing what all I am thinking /composing and in the other in between the fingers is languidly held cigarette half smoked. Some sheets here and there in the air and a writing desk full of stationary, books, an open dictionary, a thesaurus bookmarked, a writer waiting to be addressed...
A window right behind the desk ajar... chair seems to be in waiting for long too... coffee ready to poison me after so many turns on the boiler.
A walking stick- my umbrella perching on the corner longingly staring half at the door and half towards me to coercing me Darling, let’s take a stroll before you madden us all out. Who all, I mocked and they right from door to window to ceiling to books to table for coffee and the almost frenzied hair shouted in unison “us”
What a weird imagination, but I love to live like that. May be would have loved to be lived that or have lived in some time like that....
“Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.
-          Longfellow