Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That Girl!

It’s easier to become an inspiration rather than a disciple. I have always observed that I am good at influencing people with small words and big thoughts. However, when it comes to me, my personal attitude towards life and its stratagems it’s all loose talk which I do to while away time. It’s a fancy job I do most of the time. I mean I love talking, discussing and learning things. I love to talk because I find people and their views interesting. I personally feel that when I listen to somebody ranting or bubbling or babbling I want it to be one on one i.e. I should see the person. This makes the conversations all the more interesting and enjoyable and makes me all the more a good listener. I like to see the gestures, expressions - mostly the meanings of the ejaculations are conferred by them rather than the words.

So, there was me listening to this girl from a small town. The small town is really small and is too distant as per my calculations in terms of so called sophisticated circles I associate myself with. Though, with means of modern technology nothing is distant these days.

Her parents have given their best to her – right from education to her lifestyle. Hailing from an economically sound family she has all the amnesties one can imagine. The girl has a mind of her own, speaks bold and blatant, not caring what people might be thinking and judging about her. She has her own set parameters for everyone around and never frets from giving her piece of mind if ever poked unnecessarily. Her personal life is quite public with her subtle FB updates, yet nobody including even relatives in the friend list has the cheek to question her. I really admire her for that. She must be in her what – early twenties and yet she is mature enough to handle her life so well. She is so polite, decent and well mannered you cannot expect her to be stern. Her eyes have that look which makes you feel mocked at, if you ever dare any silly notion or word slip out of your mouth when she is around. Her eyes speak – I dare you!

Her dressing tells you if not yet then wait some more I am definitely going to beat you in your own world. That gait telling you I am game to handle this city life on my own terms and still that curiosity that piercing gaze to unravel what more lie hidden from her.

Even that nonchalance telling I am still innocent about the game my subconscious has been playing on my mind.

I had been a bin for all her thoughts and view points on various subjects which I feel are yet not suitable for her age. But, you can’t blame the young dame; times have so bloody changed and the youth are all hacked out in between their family background and the city life.

She is quite ahead of her age when it comes to share your opinions. She can speak at length on subjects still unsuitable for a tender age. Be it sex or marriage or marital issues or ideologies. But what a clarity man, even sometimes I am confused about what I think and what I practice. She is not!

Wonder how far she will go – I am sure nobody can fool her. Seems this is what’s needed most in our species. Here, I quip again!