Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday O Sunday!

Sunday is generally practised as a holiday almost everywhere in the world. However, it is to be noted that for a woman there is no such thing like weekend or holiday.  She has to be on run even when it's Sunday. Now,  since husband is home,  kid is not going to school, you are not required to work on assignments, the weekend seems just perfect.  Wooh wait! This is just not yet over.  You have to arrange wardrobe,  washing, ironing,  organising drawers, closets. cook,  getting stuff in place for big Monday. Play with kid, air with her and revise week's tasks, yeah her how to play with weird clay dough and the cold may want to have some crash course in painting right away.  So, uni have to be all set mentally that weekend is going to be a huge unique sort of working day.

This gruelling task of shortlisting priorities,  lining up important tasks begins from friday night (when actually I should be rejoicing wow there would be no lunch boxes, school bag).

This is just not happening stuff! Sometimes, I plan out, make a list of certain things for myself:
1. Will give my scalp a good pampering. Good almond oil massage followed by steam wash.
2. I'll do pedicure,  not liking my feet of late.  They look so tired and wanting for care.
3. I'll read something, something to pep me up.
4. I'll go for a long walk early morning.
5. Will take Tashu for evening walk.

But, none of this happens. I'm so entangled in the Web of my self imposed and other important responsibilities and obligations.
In so tired most of the time yet I keep going- right from shopping for Tashu to managing arranging and  organizing my grihasthi and my freelance work. 
Can't even put blame on anybody.  That would be an excuse.  I have to do something with myself for myself lest I'll be a shadow of what I was and am still left.

Today' clay dough art project with Tashu

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