Friday, July 25, 2014

Introspecting Mom

There are times when we need to stop worrying and look at things with a broader perspective. I’m not spilling the beans about some heavy political or national agenda here. I have been reading a lot of parenting quotes and articles on the web of late, and of course it is natural being a mother of a hyperactive little girl. It does make sense to keep looking for something or the other for web. Since, in the age of Google, even Dadi-Nanis are giving tips on weblogs.
Of late Tanushya has been giving me tough times. Doesn’t listen to me and she has questions about everything. If I ask her to go and get your rhyme book we will read it together, then she would look at me and say, “Why?” WHY! What, why, I mean at times I think how could she do that, how could she ask me why when I’m her mother and whatever I say is to be done right away.
I’m wrong here, being a kid, being in an age when she has begun learning things from her environment, started questioning everything, she has all the right to ask me why she should fetch the book and take it with me. What good would it do her?
I’m planning to have some serious introspection and come up with some good ideas and tricks to teach her good manners and cultivate good habits in her. Children these days are no fools who can be played upon anytime. You have to be practical and logical while making them listen to you and do things you want them to.
I definitely have to research and read a lot before outlining the steps or golden rules I’m going to follow with her. I don’t want her to sit with a tab in her lap and peering into it for the sake of learning something worthwhile. This is the greatest nuisance of these times. Children have become prone to lethargy and leading a laid back life like dullards who have nothing, just to prop themselves on a pillow and glare into the big screens or little.

Hopefully, next time I may have chalked out some of the statistics to deal with my 3.5 yr old little girl.