Thursday, March 19, 2015



Watched ‘Lovelace’, a biographical motion picture based on Linda Lovelace’s life. It made me think how vulnerable we women are. However, strong, educated, powerful we become, women are still mere lambs surrounded by bloody hounds. Wild animals eat us, which is justified in what nature has made them to do. But, we humans, we gnaw at each other as if the other one under the claws is a mere corpse, just a cadaver lying namelessly in the morgue.
She went through a polygraph test as suggested by the publisher before printing her autobiography- ‘Ordeal.’ There were men to contest against her, stated she is lying. I’m nobody to judge, and definitely my talking for or against doesn’t count. It’s just that, I at times feel, no woman would go to this extent of lying.
And, yet forget about truth and lies.  Such things are happening, and there are people talking about women emancipation. Is there any way out of this vicious circle- where at the end, a female body is still the highly sought after commodity available for all sorts of bargain.
It’s still a men’s world!
Today alone, I watched a video that became viral on WhatsApp where few goons are thrashing a boy and slapping the girl. How do we become the authority over anybody, I don’t understand this. Who we are to take laws in our hands. And, how come such things go unseen by actual lawmakers and the whatnots of the law and order.
And, just now read about Rohtak Rape case, what do these men feel while doing so, what sort of high or pleasure they seek after acting like beasts?
With every news, or story like this, I feel like going dead. Sometimes, I want to shout, cry out loud, thumping my chest hardly and calling names to all those cruel beats out on that point. I just feel so helpless.

I almost choked while placing myself in the place of the victim. I hate feeling so helpless. It makes me wonder, are there really any Gods or are we just trading our life in the name of hoax? It’s better to have no faith, than having it and be betrayed by it!