Sunday, August 23, 2015

Together They Separated!

They met, had a common connection. Family came together and announced they are soon to be married. They met, now they have to. Courtship. They stumbled across long forgotten trunks laden with dust. Dust is dust. Mud is mud. A part of your and mine existence. Superficial selves do not understand this. Woes, remorse, and aches. Bruises. Tears. Parted their ways.
The realisation dawns, never give your words to those who do not value the love behind them. You can't keep on mending, with so many knots. Knots they are, knots they were, knots they become. The moment they tripped on the dust laden memories. 
Wish they had walked past, and came out to see the shining sun, from those dark alleys of forgotten memories.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reading Agatha Christie

There is something called ease and simplicity to relate with what Agatha Christie has written. Her novels lets me travel to a time where I would never be able to visit. Everything right from scenery to the old English country side settings, familiar faces of the English people, little ongoings of the english villages back then lend such a wonderful backdrop to her novels.