Sunday, May 17, 2015

Summer Vacation Plans

Summer vacations have begun, and I have already made a list of few important tasks that needs to be taken care of.


-take Tashu to Ballet class every Wednesday and Friday
- spend at least an hour with Tashu in park
- revise her school work and eventually complete her holiday homework
- set routine in her life- right from waking up to sleeping on time to eating and social etiquette
- read her story book every night before going to bed 
- playfully teach her small household tasks to instill sense of responsibility in her
- chit chat with her in between all the household chores, keep her involved and make her feel important and eventually building strong mother daughter equation


- sort out all his paper work, invoices
- make sure he gets proper diet (of late his stomach problems have increased)
- tone down my temper


- reading
- daily journal
- morning and evening walks
- practice driving and get my DL renewed

Hopefully, I would be able to, somehow, achieve a harmony in my life which is way too disturbed of late. It's not that I'm not working on these things, yet somewhere everything I do seems incomplete. 
May be I need to relax my nerves and take my mind off every other worldly issues for sometime.